This week we are using The Borderless Smith-Waite deck.

Weekly Reading

When I set out to do this reading I wanted three cards, the central being the theme, as I drew my last card judgement came out. I see that last week was a bit of a challenge with the seven of swords, someone really wasn’t thinking about you or your feelings last week, perhaps you choose to take what you needed and leave the “party” and focus on yourself. Regardless, last week wasn’t really that great, this could have had to do with a relationship or connection that you share with another person.

This week you have to focus on your own happiness, people are going to judge you for any number of reasons some are good and some are their own idea of what you are, regardless if that is the truth or not.

This week you’re going to have an epiphany about how someone has treated you poorly in the past, this may make you decide to do things in a more traditional kind of way. Generally speaking people go after what they want and do not have much of a regard to how others feel about that, this week you should focus on yourself but not at the expense of others feelings. Take care of you; but do so in a way that uplifts everyone around you.

I see that this week mainly focuses on our emotional connections with others; remember that sometimes slow and steady wins the race. With two major arcana cards, I see this weeks lessons will be big. So, as events are unfolding try to remember to take a step back and see the bigger picture; is there a lesson that keeps repeating in your life? What could that lesson be? Can you stop and go at the problem or situation from another angle that you normally would not? Maybe a different perspective or set of actions is all that is needed to shift a situation towards a better outcome for all involved. At the end of the day the most important relationship you have is to yourself and your higher power, whatever that may be.

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