This week we are using my Sibyl’s Lenormand, made by me! This deck is forthcoming.

Weekly Reading


This week focuses on our wishes and dreams and what we’d like to accomplish in our life. I see some of us are going to get some good news via a message, this could be a DM, text, or email, in some cases an actual snail mail letter. I also think that we are going to see an increase in happiness at home, good feelings are abound at the home front and with more good news via a written communication we will feel on top of the world.

However, there is a darker side to this week where we have to focus on possibly cutting out a male in our life that is not for our highest good. He may make an offer that really ends up hurting us in the long run so keep that in mind. What we think is for the best may actually be more against us. He may try to talk to us about possibly coming over to our house or inviting us into his ‘inner friend circle.’ Just be aware that this may do more harm than good.

The letter or communication that comes our way will do something I always love, provide us choices. We will see our choices in front of us and be able to make the most informed one moving forward, one of those choices may actually involve cutting someone out who is no longer for our highest good.

A new cycle is upon us bringing us more happiness and helping us move closer to our dreams.


The king of swords reminds us that no matter what choices we are faced with this week to use logic and reason above all else when making choices, cut the emotions out of it. There really is no place for emotions in the king of swords world, he is logic personified. Our mind will be razor sharp this week, and we will be able to see patterns where otherwise we were not able too. We will also be able to assimilate new knowledge on a deeper level than before. Remember, we can loose many things in life but we can’t loose our education and our reasoning so maybe this week is a good week to learn a new skill that can better serve us later in life.

Tell me does this reading resonate with you? Leave a comment below.


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