I thought I would do something I haven’t done in a long time, start doing weekly readings again. Now I have a full time job outside of this that demands a ton of my attention, and I can’t promise I’ll have time to do this in-depth of a reading each week, but I will try to post some kind of reading for the week-a-head each week.

This week we are using my Sibyl’s Lenormand, made by me! This deck needs a few tweaks then it will be ready for others to purchase.



In this reading I am using the women to represent the collective and the man is a representation of a male figure.

This week is all about commitments. I see right off the bat that there is a commitment we are trying to make a choice about. This could be in regards to a relationship with have with an older man. This does not have to be romantic, it could be, it very well could be a boss or some other male figure in our life.

Either way this relationship has become a real burden to us and while we had thoughts originally of sticking around, the burden has become too much to carry and the only thing we can think about is finding relief from that burden.

There is an element of having to do something many times, it could be fights & arguments, either way it’s not pleasant. It could also be the idea of leaving has entered our mind many times and we are ‘toying’ with the idea. This has been going on for a long time, but it seems like you’re seeing the wisdom in taking care of yourself and choosing yourself over something that is not making you happy. There really is a sense of some strong negative emotions around this situation.

I think part of you feels like I made this commitment and you stick to my commitments, but at what cost? Health? Emotionally well-being? Is it worth it?

My advice, if this relationship is weighing you down, regardless of it’s emotional, casual, business, familial, etc. In order for you to find peace you need to make the choice to choose yourself, whatever that looks like for you.


The Tarot’s advice is exactly what I see in the lenormand, you need to think about yourself, you’re bruised and battered and are on the defense.

You can’t life your life like that all the time.

What I see with this card is that even if someone or something decides to come at you again, you’re protected. You have this wand covering your stomach (your most sensitive area) and your back is protected by wands too, however, it’s not so fully protected though that you’re not ‘backed into a corner.’

You can escape if you have too and the Lenormand certainly is telling you that it’s probably best to think of a path away from whatever it is that is bothering you and burdening you at this time. This doesn’t have to mean leaving but it certainly doesn’t mean taking anyone shit either.

Tell me does this reading resonate with you? Leave a comment below.

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