This week we are using The Pagan Otherworld’s Tarot deck.

Weekly Reading

This week we are joined by two Major Arcana, which portents a week of big lessons. The wheel of fortune tells me that things are changing, that it is time to stop being so melancholy and to step out and see the area of refuge ahead. Perhaps, you were unable to see it before, but now the veil has been lifted and you can see an end in sight.

You’re entering a time where you intuition will guide you safely ahead out of troubling times, this has been a long time coming. Something is coming to an end and it’s okay to be sad for that; but there will come a time where you’ll need to move on and the High Priestess will guide your way into finding something better for yourself.

Like Temperance, the High Priestess, has one foot in the water; and one firmly planted on solid ground. So even though she is intuitive, emotional, and ‘deep’ she is rooted here and now. The Wheel of fortune card is drawing me to the lion overseeing the bear and the white stag. This lion is more than capable of going after the bear and the stag and winning; they are the king after-all and being so high up also denotes a certain influence over the others. Like the Strength card in the tarot, this isn’t brute force over others but inner strength which is what I am getting from this card. No matter what we are going through nothing stays the same and everything changes.

You are strong enough to overcome everything in your life, humans are incredibly resilient, the High Priestess will help guide you through instincts & intuition.

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