This week we are using The Shadowland Tarot.

Weekly Reading

It seems this week we may start off thinking about the things we don’t have, we could be in a sense of lack. There could also be disagreements and fights, and we may win a battle but at a cost that is higher than we originally thought. The five of swords has a meaning to me of winning no matter the cost. The Crow has his corn, but the others behind him look both annoyed/pissed and sad. It’s possible you’ll be on the receiving end of being one of those two birds.

The message is that there is plenty to go around, if someone takes something that they should not have, don’t worry there is more right around the corner. The empress and the magician to me means that you can manifest whatever you want. The world is abundant and with the right mindset and drive you can have whatever it is you desire, just may not in the exact way you thought you would.

Good things are on their way to you; something you have been wanting to manifest for sometime, it’s right around the corner.

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