This week we are using The Thelma Tarot deck.

Weekly Reading

I am always amazed to see what comes out in a reading; this week instead of two majors we have two court cards. I see this as actions and aspects of ourself that we have to adopt.

The king of wands thinks really hard before he runs out and starts doing things; he doesn’t act rashly but when he does act he has incredible enthusiasm and energy to get the task done. He’s 100% in it for the long haul until the task is completed. The Queen of pentacles to me feels like an area of focus, we are focusing on creating our nest egg so that we can best care for ourself and those around us. Right now though that seems like it’s more painful to think about than normal.

The 4 of cups to me is about not seeing what is being given to us; there is an offer that is coming our way that is going to be what is best for us; it’s ok to mourn and feel our emotions to their fullest, it’s not ok to “live in them” for a long period of time.

The overall message is there is an offer that is coming our way that will allow us to move forward to creating a more stable future for us; this will ignite a spark within us and help us move past focusing on something that is painful for us.

The tides of life are changing it’s time to be like the king of wands and step fearlessly into the unknown with the universe who will have your back!

Tell me does this reading resonate with you? Leave a comment below.


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