I know that Scott Cunningham wrote the 13 goals of a witch; and they are great; they are:

“1. Know yourself.

2. Know your Craft (Wicca).

3. Learn.

4. Apply knowledge with wisdom.

5. Achieve balance.

6. Keep your words in good order.

7. Keep your thoughts in good order.

8. Celebrate life.

9. Attune with the cycles of the Earth.

10. Breathe and eat correctly.

11. Exercise the body.

12. Meditate.

13. Honor the Goddess and God.

Scott Cunningham

However, are these goals really relevant to Witches who practice just witchcraft? Yes and no. Here are my goals as a witch:

  • Connect deeply and intimately to the earth and all it has to offer; herbs, stones, animals, sacred places, etc.
  • Connect with your helping spirits such as animal guides, loved ones who have passed on, & spirit guides.
  • Honor your expression of the divine such as; God, Goddess, the Universe.
  • Do daily work to improve yourself & your life through:
  • spells
  • meditation & shadow work
  • education; magickally and in your passions and profession.
  • Help all those you can help through mundane and magickal ways.
  • Be a force of justice for humanity & the world; that means speaking of injustices, doing magick to help find balance and keep those in danger safe, activist work, etc.
  • Speak your truth without fear so that you can inspire others.
  • Honor all parts of yourself including the not so beautiful parts (anger, hatred, frustration, fixation, etc) as they all have important lessons to teach.

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