Spirit guide 101

Lessons Duration: 2hr 10minutes

My entire life changed when I met my spirit guides. Everything I had been through in my entire life became clear. Spirit guides are a fantastic resource for anyone on a spiritual journey. They offer, love, compassion & support.

This course explains to you what spirit guides are and takes you on a journey to self to discover who your spirit guides are.

Course Lessons

  • A 60 minute masterclass on working with your Spirit Guides.
  • A an overview of Spirit Guides.
  • Discover what a spirit guides is.
  • learn what the different types of spirit guides are.
  • who to call on for what.
  • Learn the basics of meeting with your guides.
  • Take a journey to meet with your spirit guides.
  • Learn how to work long term with your spirit guides.
  • How a life-long-relationship is beneficial.

This course will
teach you:

  • What are Spirit Guides?
  • The different types of Spirit Guides.
  • How to connect with your Spirit Guides!
  • How to continue your relationship with your Spirit Guides.
  • and much more!
Are you ready to meet your Spirit Guides?