Each planet affects our magick & their energies can be harnessed in the hours of the day, days of the week, etc. Here is a table with the planetary hours & then you can look at what each planet’s magickal energies are! 

Earth: creativity, grounding, healing, the home, nurturing, protection.

Jupiter: abundance, business, control, honor, justice, leadership, power, prosperity, success.

Mars: aggression, action, anger, assertiveness, courage, death, endurance, energy, lust, defensive work, power, passion, strength.

Mercury: creativity, ideas, communication, learning, inspiration, intelligence, skills, wisdom.

Moon: emotions, feelings, fertility, magick, psychic ability, intuition, divination, transformation, spirit work, witchcraft/wicca, growth, influence.

Neptune: expanding awareness, consciousness, creativity, dream work, enchantment, guidance, other world, visions.

Pluto: changes, inner darkness, death, dream work, secrets, karma, memory, spirituality.

Saturn: authority, banishing, concentration, endings, binding, hexing/cursing, overcoming obstacles, knowledge.

Sun: energy, vigor, success, hope, inspiration, power, abundance, growth, warmth of life.

Uranus: freedom, goals, illumination, improvement of circumstances, motivation, power.

Venus:  love, lust, luck, friendship, attraction, compassion, connections, desire, emotions, fertility, sex, harmony, pleasure, passion, romance, unity.

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