I think Kitchen Witchery is one of the most popular forms of magick because it’s so easy & something that can be done daily!

Everyday we eat at least 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch, & dinner. That opens us up to a wonderful opportunity to make magick for; love, wealth, healing, & protection.

To make the most out of our cooking it’s important to know what different herbs & spices can do for you, these are correspondences.

Correspondences operate under the idea that like attracts like.


  • Allspice– luck, financial gain, healing.
  • Anise– cleansing, warding.
  • Apple– connection to the Goddess (all forms), health & wellness, divination.
  • Basil– money, love, success.
  • Bay leaves– wish granting, protection, strength.
  • Cinnamon– energy, power, successful outcome, sexual attraction.
  • Dill– money, romance, safety.
  • Eggs– new beginnings, fertility, protection.
  • Garlic– protection, connection to the dark goddess,
  • Oregano– legal matters, attracting romance, peace/calm.
  • Onion– psychic ability, getting to the heart of the matter/clarity, releasing grief.
  • Parsley– increasing sex drive, cleansing, protection.
  • Mint– prosperity, removal of evil energy, travel.
  • Red Pepper flakes– energy, cursing, empowering, protection.
  • Rosemary– cleansing, protection, love, healing.
  • Salt– cleansing, purifying, protection.
  • Sugar– drawing, love.
  • Thyme– psychic strengthener, attraction (romantic), healing.

This is by no means a definitive list, these are just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.

Here are some great reference books for herbs, roots, and kitchen Witchery, for aspiring kitchen witch.

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