Hi everyone, I just got a new deck, the Fortunate Frogs! I love frogs, I have since I was a little girl. I remember catching them with my father, we always let them go afterwards, but he’d make it a game and I was always impressed with how he would easily catch them. Now I have such a relationship with frogs that I can lift them out of the water and have them sit on my hand. When I saw this deck I KNEW I had to have it.

The deck

Knight of Shrooms – AKA Knight of Wands

The deck is made from sturdy cardstock with a matt finish, it’s not glossy. The colors are vibrant and the colors pop! I like the color pallet for the deck.

My only gripe is the cardstock is not easily to shuffle with. That may change as I use it more.

The Guidebook

The guidebook is on the small size, bigger than a little white book with generic keywords which some decks

The guidebook is color and offers keywords for upright and reversed readings.

The Video Review

About the Creator

You can find more about Wacky Doodle Devon on social media at @wackydoodledevon.

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