The colors play an important role in magick and spellcraft too. Colors have been scientifically proven to change our mood and influence our lives. Colors can be used in: altar cloths, candles, mojo bags, poppets, our clothes, etc.

Red: passion, lust, energy, vigor.

Pink: love, friendship, soul-mate relationships, healing.

Yellow: happiness, optimism, luck, energy.

Orange: road opening, energy, fall/mabon/samhain.

Green: fertility, abundance, goddess energy, the green man, element of earth, the empress (tarot) money.

Blue: the mind, study, healing, element of water, element of air, dreams, wisdom.

Purple: royalty, psychic ability, divination, connection to the God/ddes.

Black: banishing, clearing, hexing/cursing, shadow work, samhain.

White: all purpose color works for all intentions, peace, purity, brings energy to anything.

Silver: Goddess work, astral work, intuition, priestess work, High Priestess(tarot), represents Goddess on the Altar.

Gold: God work, abundance, harvest, Sun Card (tarot), happiness, riches, fortune, represents the God on the altar.

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